Even if you have been in the HVAC field for years, you can always learn more pieces of the HVAC puzzle. And each new piece compliments what you already know in powerful ways.

Engineers have taken the same class annually for several years and say they learn more and more each time.
Whether you are a recent engineering graduate, or a seasoned engineer just transferring into the HVAC field, this training will go a long ways in laying a solid foundation for you to build on.

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Listen to what past engineers have to say about this training ...

"Joe's training was a great first introduction to basic refrigeration for a mechanical engineer who has been out of practice for 10+ years." (Bill Kelly, Sales Engineer, Wilmington, Delaware)

"Practical Fundamental Knowledge." (Erik Durkish, Associate Engineer, Constellation Energy, Ontario, New York)

"Joe has an effective teaching style that delivers a lot of technical information in an amount of time in a way that everyone in the classroom can easily comprehend and understand to use in their field." (Andrew Davin, Engineer, Rochester, New York)

"Practical, helpful, essential information provided in a friendly and enthusiastic manner." (Bill Bishop, Engineer, Rochester, New York)

"Even after being in the HVAC industry for 15 years, I learned some new things that I had never known or heard of before." (Glenn Roberts, Controls Engineer, Syracuse, New York)

"It was refreshing to have a "passionate" technical instructor. Most instructors are not able to present technical material like Joe." (Lee Strawser, Account Manager, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

"I was looking for a Refrigeration Fundamentals class that would give me a practical understanding of the theory involved. This class was a perfect balance." (Scott Cross, Account Manager, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

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