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There are many more roles in the HVAC industry that do not require an engineering degree than those that do require it. Whether you are a Technical Assistant, Application Specialist, Project Manager, Technician, Contractor, Estimator or one of dozens of other important roles in HVAC, this training is for you.

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What's in it for Non-Engineers 
It is so practical that you will be able to learn big picture concepts that will compliment what you already know - so that you know it better. We focus on things that will help you troubleshoot existing systems as well as to guide the direction of future ones.

Every class has a variety of participants from very diverse backgrounds. The questions and examples shared from each person add a powerful dimension that makes each class unique.

Listen to what past non-engineering attendees have to say about this training ...

"Joe is unbelievably knowledgeable and finds ways to apply systems fundamentals to help you satisfy your customers and keep them coming back!" (Shane O-Neill, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"Prior to this class I had heard a lot of good things about Joe and his teaching abilities. After taking this class, I can verify how excellent of a teacher Joe is. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of personal hands on experience that directly relates to the topics." (Josh Littell, Applications Specialist, New York)

"This was a great course, definitely recommend this course for new employees in an HVAC environment. The instructor has great knowledge and is very eager to answer any and all questions. Loves this course. Thank you!" (Anibal Roche Jr., Controls Project Engineer, Syracuse, New York)

"This was the best description and use of practical examples I have ever heard on HVAC System Fundamentals. I gained a log of additional insights even after 25+ years of experience in this industry." (Scott Carlson, Fargo, North Dakota)

"I've never seen such enthusiasm about HVAC." (Drew Sherman, Columbus, Ohio)

"For those beginning, or with an extensive knowledge of HVAC, this is the best class to get in and improve by learning what you need to get to where you want to go!" (Frank Evora, Dayton, Ohio)

"Joe really know the details and step by step ways to teach a hard topic to understand. The best training I have had. Joe is a great teacher." (Thomas Price, Estimator/Project Manager, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

"We need Joe Becker Learning in Canada!" (Maxime Drouin, Technical Assistant, Montréal, Québec)

"Very solid training. Joe's a very knowledgeable and friendly teacher." (Dean Pinchak, Applications Specialist, Charlotte, South Carolina)

"Excellent approach of systems fundamentals incorporating real life experiences." (Jeff Horstmeyer, Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

"Absolutely amazing. I learned more in three days than I have in 7 months. Everyone new to HVAC should attend." (Kurt Ehlers, Controls Project Developer, Washington DC)

"The only thing that is superior to Joe's ability to communicate is his overall knowledge of HVAC." (Tim Wichelt, Estimator/Project Manager, LaCrosse, Wisconsin)